Keeping a Therapeutic Environment in Hospitals

Published: 31st May 2011
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Hospital patients recover easily in a therapeutic environment. Patients treated by an encouraging staff in a relaxing environment recover faster than patients given medications in a strict and stressful ward. Those who found their stay in the hospital safe and satisfying are quicker to get back on their feet compared to those who didnít. This is the reason why the design of hospitals should take into account the patientsí psychological needs.

The physical structure of a hospital greatly influences the psychological response of the patients towards their recovery. Employing psychology in designing the interior and exterior of a hospital can create the therapeutic environment the patients need. A few basic things can be done to achieve this kind of attribute.

Choosing cheerful and varied colors and textures for the basic materials used for the daily activities in the hospital will surely invite an optimistic response from the patients towards their condition. However, some colors may not be good for certain conditions, like those that do not match the patientís skin tone or those that can make older and impaired patients feel disoriented.

Another way is providing a natural outdoor view, particularly a garden or a wide lawn with lines of trees covering the horizon. This is not applicable in hospitals located in congested urban areas like Chicago where there is no ample space for such a view. What healthcare construction services Chicago experts usually do is to provide a mural of nature scenes that has believably the same effect as the real view.

Room lighting should also be maintained. However, excessive lighting that can irritate the patientís eyes and further their stress should be avoided. Enough sunlight must be allowed in the rooms and should match with the wall paint to add to the relaxing effects of light. Healthcare developers Chicago professionals make sure that the color of the wall creates a curative impact with sunlight during daytime and with a lamp at night.

Lastly, a hospital must be outfitted with directions and signages at significant corners. The patients should feel that they are safe to go out and thereís no chance that they will get lost. The fear of going out and getting confused regarding direction may add to their stress. Hospital construction companies Chicago is home to usually prioritize the busiest places like toilets and wards in putting signages.

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